The #2 cause of cancer is
the last thing you'd expect

... and it's almost totally under your control!

And another health blunder causes just as many deaths as smoking—yet almost no one knows it

The secrets I'm about to reveal can cut your risk of cancer by as much as 90%!

Let me prove it to you...

I've got some news that might shock you.

An official at the American Cancer Society told my editors that it's easy to avoid half of all cancers.

I respectfully disagree. I think you can avoid up to 80% or 90% of all cancers—IF you take full advantage of the information I'm about to tell you.

In fact, an adviser to the American Institute for Cancer Research confirmed exactly what I say: Nine out of 10 cancers are related to factors we control.

Of course, their #1 piece of advice is "stop smoking." We all know that. But I bet you don't know the #2 cause of cancer. It's something totally under your control—it's MUCH EASIER than quitting cigarettes—and it's the last thing you'd ever expect. I'll tell you about it in a moment. Keep reading. You're about to discover...

People who know these secrets can

Did you know a certain food DOUBLES the risk of breast cancer? A 12-year study of 90,000 women proves it. We got the scoop from a scientist at Harvard Medical School.

Just get this food out of your life and you can save yourself from one of the most feared—and common—types of cancer. You'll find the details on page 24 of a new Special Report I'm publishing.

But that's just the start. I've got more secrets for you, many more...

  • You're up to three times more likely to get prostate cancer if you fail to eat this. You can find it in any supermarket, or take it in supplement form if you like. We heard about it from Dr. Patrick C. Walsh, distinguished service professor at the Brady Urological Institute of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. It's on page 32 of our new report.
  • A common type of bacteria multiplies your risk of stomach cancer up to eight times. About 90 million older Americans carry this lethal bug. You can get rid of it—easily. We got the word from a professor of infectious diseases at Stanford University Medical School. See page 51.
  • Cut your risk of ovarian cancer up to 60% in only six months by taking a certain herb. It worked in both lab studies and human trials. Dr. Daniel William Cramer told us about it, and he should know. He's a Harvard Medical School professor of women's reproductive biology. See his advice for yourself on page 10.
  • You can reduce your danger of liver cancer as much as 80% with a forgotten vitamin—one you won't find in most multivitamins. We learned about it from a Tufts University scientist who's taken part in more than 50 studies of this nutrient. See page 47.
  • Another overlooked vitamin—not vitamins C, E, A or beta-carotene—can reduce the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancers by half. You'll find this one in most multivitamins, but the dose is way below what you need to reap the cancer-prevention benefit. Page 46
  • A simple, cheap examination can spot mouth cancers early and reduce deaths by 79%. We learned about it from a cancer researcher in France. The exam is noninvasive. No biopsies, no X-rays. Your dentist can do it during your regular visit—and it can save your life. See page 8.
  • Delicious fruit juice slows the growth of prostate cancer to a crawl. A UCLA expert in urology told us about it. Details on page 31.

I hope you're beginning to see...

Your odds of living a long time just got a lot better

PREVENTING CANCER IS LARGELY UNDER YOUR CONTROL. It's a shame that most people don't know it.

People you love and care about could add 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years to their lives if only they knew this information.

I can prove it to you—and I do. You'll find the facts you need in a new Special Report called STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention.

Click Here to Order Now Our new Special Report gives you full details on all the secrets above plus dozens more. And where did we get all this remarkable information? During 30 years of publishing we've developed...

A unique, one-of-a-kind network of cancer experts

These people are heavy-hitters at the top ranks of the medical profession—and when Bottom Line calls, they pick up the phone.

My editors here at Bottom Line/HEALTH interviewed thousands of top medical doctors and medical scientists to get the priceless information in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention.

I'm talking about renowned experts at Stanford University School of Medicine, the Mayo Clinic, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco, Sweden's National Institute of Environmental Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center... and so many more.

We asked them, "What can we do to PREVENT cancer? Never mind treating it. How can we make sure we NEVER GET IT in the first place?"

AND WE WERE AMAZED AT THE VALUABLE SECRETS THAT CAME POURING OUT. Tips that can reduce your risk of cancer by more than half—easily.

In fact, you can cut your risk of cancer as much as 90 percent with little effort!

Now we're putting all this valuable, lifesaving information at your fingertips—in the pages of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention.

The amazing pill that prevents cancer

We deliberately aimed for tips that are simple, easy, and inexpensive. Some are even FREE.

In fact, one of the most powerful tips can reduce the most feared types of cancer—prostate, breast and colon—by about half, at no cost to you. Or for a few pennies a day you can obtain this powerful substance in a pill.

This isn't pie-in-the-sky guesswork based on one or two lucky patients who got well. It's based on the work of Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine and author of more than 300 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

NEVER get cancer—
68 of the world's top cancer scientists
tell you how EASY it is

In the pages of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, you'll benefit from Dr. Holick's amazing discoveries, PLUS those of 67 more top international cancer experts. 37 of them are medical doctors and another 17 hold doctorates.

More than half of our 68 contributors are faculty members at top universities and science institutes. They've conducted path-breaking research and published their results in famous medical and scientific journals.

Nowhere else can you find the opportunity to get so much knowledge and experience about cancer prevention in one place.

The expert I quoted at the beginning of this letter—an official from the American Cancer Society—said we could avoid half of all cancers. He revealed four things totally under your control. Do all four of them and—bingo! Your odds of NEVER getting cancer become really good.

Get my report, take advantage of his suggestions and...

  • Your odds of beating stomach cancer soar as high as two out of three even after you've been diagnosed. (This disease used to be a virtual death sentence.)
  • Your odds of beating cancers of the mouth jump to nearly four out of five.
  • Your odds of beating cervical cancer jump by 90%.
  • And nine out of 10 people diagnosed with colon cancer will survive if they make full use of this expert's advice.

But I'm willing to go beyond the remarkable claim this expert made and the four secrets he unveiled. He's just one of 68 top authorities we interviewed. STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS is jam-packed with additional information and tips that go far beyond his.

Why settle for beating the disease after you get it? Armed with this information, your risk of even getting stomach cancer declines drastically—down as much as 80%. Your risk of the most common, most feared cancers such as colon, breast and prostate can drop to practically nothing.

After all, beating cancer is great, but best of all is never getting it in the first place. In my new Special Report STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, you'll discover powerful new tools that take you off the target list for this terrifying disease.

Take the bull's-eye off your back

As many as two out of three breast cancer deaths can be avoided with a simple fix you can do at home—for FREE! This secret even slashes the death rate among women with advanced breast cancer. It can prevent seven out of 10 prostate cancer deaths, too.

It's a remarkable FREE lifesaver almost no one knows about.

We learned all about the prostate benefit from Professor Edward L. Giovannucci, MD, of the Harvard School of Public Health. Based on his findings, men who take advantage of this one tip enjoy a 70% lower risk of EVER being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer.

Another Harvard professor, Michelle D. Holmes, tipped us to the breast cancer benefits. Women can take advantage of this same cancer-prevention strategy and see a 50% reduction in breast cancer deaths. And here's what's really amazing...

Women who already had advanced
breast cancer benefited most

These desperately ill women experienced a greater than two-thirds reduction in breast cancer deaths, compared to women who didn't use the tip.

And remember, this cancer-beater is FREE. I'm not talking about surgery, drugs or any kind of food or pill. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN EASILY DO FOR FREE.

Click Here to Order Now You'll get all the details on page 19 of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS. Just think: You can use this advice PLUS the other FREE cancer-prevention tip I mentioned earlier—the one from Dr. Holick that reduces deadly cancer risk by half—and you might be able to cut your overall risk of cancer to practically nothing without spending a dime!

Don't stand there like a deer in the headlights—act like a human and get out of the way!

Many people think cancer is something that just happens to you. Sure, we can stop smoking... maybe take a few antioxidants and vitamins... but most of us are fatalistic and think there's little we can do. People believe it's in their genes or in some toxin they were exposed to as kids.

Don't believe it! There's a lot you can do. Genes, for example, make up less than 10 percent of your cancer risk.

If you saw a car coming right at yours, wouldn't you turn the wheel and avoid a collision? Of course you would!

But when it comes to cancer, most people don't know how to steer. They sit there and let the collision happen—then hope the doctor can sew them back together. That's why one out of two men and one out of three women get cancer.

Look, standing there frozen in the headlights while a car roars at you is what you expect from a deer. We're smarter than that!

We're humans and we know how to get out of the way when a car is coming at us. You can get out of the way of cancer, too—if you have the information in Bottom Line's new Special Report, STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention. And I've got additional good news...

You don't have to turn your life upside down

Let's face it: Most people aren't going to turn their lives upside down and make major changes in the way they eat or how much they exercise. That's why I asked my talented staff to pack this report with tips that are easy, effortless, and can still reduce your cancer risk anywhere up to 90 percent!

You can avoid or defeat cancer without making it your life's work. Most of the recommendations you'll find in this new report are easy to understand, easy to start and easy to stick with for the long haul.

You can slash your risk of cancer by using certain cheap, common foods and supplements.

Have fun and get healthy, too!

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Reduces colon cancer risk up to 40%

On page 39, you'll discover one simple food that tastes good and slashes your overall cancer risk by 34%—as shown by the combined results of more than 40 studies.

That's just the beginning. If you eat one banana a day you can reduce your colon cancer risk by about 40%. How hard is that? Or you can take its "secret ingredient" in a supplement, if you like. Details are on page 41.

You can drink two cups daily of a tasty beverage—and cut the risk of ovarian cancer by 46%. It raises your energy level, too! It's all on page 24. Ovarian cancer is the #5 cause of cancer deaths among women. Why would you NOT want to know this cheap, pleasant way to cut your exposure by nearly half?

I'm telling you, this stuff isn't hard, and the benefits will surprise and delight you!

Your everyday miracle foods

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A substance found in shiitake mushrooms is known to suppress tumor development

Food Number One: Reduces the most feared types of cancer as much as 88%. See page 41.

Food Number Two: Cuts prostate cancer risk 41%. Ditto for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Helps prevent colon, lung and breast cancers, too! See pages 4 and 38.

Food Number Three: Causes one-third reduction in colon polyps that lead to cancer. See page 37.

Food Number Four: Eat three slices of this type of bread every day—and cut your overall cancer risk by more than a third! No need for a health food store, it's available in every supermarket. See page 39.

Food Number Five: Drink two cups of this beverage daily and reduce the risk of ovarian cancer 46%. See page 24.

Food Number Six: Reduces the risk of prostate cancer as much as two-thirds. See page 32.

PLUS: How to get dozens of antioxidants and other valuable plant nutrients for a fraction of the cost of supplements. Some are not available in pill form at ANY price. Find out what I'm talking about starting on page 37.

The #2 cause of cancer next to smoking
is the last thing you'd ever expect
... and it's almost totally under your control!

On page 50 you'll find blockbuster information that all by itself is worth the price of our new Special Report. Read this and you'll never look at cancer the same way again. Armed with this information, you'll have a much better chance of avoiding cancer than you ever had before.

You see, the #2 cause of cancer (next to smoking) is something most of us don't associate with cancer and never even think about. It's not something you eat... it's not in your genes... it's not some toxin or poison in the environment... it's not something about your life that's hard to change like excess weight or bad exercise habits.

No, this is something that's EASY for you to control. Yet it hugely reduces the likelihood that you'll become a cancer victim.

How powerful is this little-known advice? Knowing this, you can easily eliminate the cause of most stomach cancers, nearly ALL cervical cancers, and a vast number of liver and lymph gland cancers.

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Prostate cancer deaths have dropped one-third in 10 years—
and the survivors know something you don't

Prostate cancer is one of the most feared and common forms of cancer. If you're male and you live long enough, you're just about sure to get a tumor or two in your prostate gland—right along with your wrinkles, gray hair and other marks of aging.

As if the disease isn't bad enough, the treatments can leave you impotent and unable to hold your urine.

But I've got good news for you: In the last few years deaths from prostate cancer have plunged.

Why is that? Many people beat it, thanks to important new information you'll find in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS.

The trick is in knowing how to make the right use of the controversial PSA test—the blood test that's supposed to help your doctor spot prostate cancer early. Many doctors—and their male patients—feel the test is just about worthless.

But we asked one of our experts—a doctor who won the National Physician of the Year Award—and he told us a little-known secret that renders the PSA test super-accurate. Take advantage of his discovery and...

Your danger of cancer will go down, down, down!

Then the same expert told us something else: A simple, easy tip that cuts your prostate cancer risk at least in half, and sometimes as much as two-thirds.

Remember the FREE technique I mentioned earlier—the one that reduces serious prostate tumors by 70%? Suppose you add THAT tip to THIS ONE. Who knows how low your cancer risk will go?!

I hope you're beginning to see the power of the information you'll find in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS. Just imagine the peace of mind you'll enjoy with these valuable secrets.

But hold on! I want to give you even more—a vital piece of information for younger men who don't worry much about prostate health. If you're a man under 40 or you have a son or husband under 40, this one tip could be worth DECADES of extra life. You'll find it on page 32. Then flip over to page 39 and check out...

Magical food combos that fight cancer

Eat just one of the "miracle foods" we reveal in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS—and you can improve your odds more than you'd ever imagine. A delicious type of bread reduces overall cancer risk by about one-third.

But we discovered something else, and it's really important: When you combine certain foods you multiply their cancer-fighting power.

This is a case where one plus one doesn't equal two—it equals three! You can take advantage of the synergy among certain foods to give yourself maximum cancer protection with minimum effort.

You'll discover two nutrients that reduce the number of colon polyps by 60% when you eat both. One of them is found in yellow onions, the other's in the spice turmeric. Maybe most Americans don't eat onions and turmeric every day, but no matter: You can take the active cancer-fighting ingredients as supplements.

Let me tell you something else: This isn't controversial "alternative" medicine. The world's top medical doctors and most prestigious medical institutions back these findings. They know all about...

The mistake that kills almost as many people as smoking

A top European expert told us that what we eat accounts for 35% of all cancer deaths—nearly the same number attributed to smoking. Poor food choices is one of the top causes of cancer.

Experts at the National Cancer Institute and the World Health Organization will tell you the same thing: Be careful of what you eat.

With the help of our new Special Report STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, you can identify the "hidden killers" in your diet and get rid of them. One particular food is known to DOUBLE the risk of breast cancer—as proven by a 12-year study of 90,000 women.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Another common food makes it twice as likely that you'll get stomach cancer. You'll see on page 5. You can enjoy this treat once or twice a week. But consuming it every day (as many people do) is a really bad idea!

In fact, a distinguished medical oncologist from Philadelphia told us that, "Stomach cancer is one of the few types of cancer for which scientists have strong evidence that diet is a primary cause..."

More jaw-dropping news about stomach cancer

The same expert told us that a certain type of bacteria increases your risk of stomach cancer from three to six times over! It's estimated that half of Americans over age 60 carry this microbe, but you don't need to put up with this threat—it's EASY to get rid of.

Why take any risk? Why not get your copy of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, find out what to do, and do it now?!

You'll also discover some really good news: Roughly two out of three stomach cancer patients recover completely—IF they take advantage of certain valuable information on page 6.

As I said, cancer is like an oncoming car. Learn how to get out of the way! For example, you can spot cancer MONTHS before a doctor does...

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Breast cancer warning!
"You need to watch out for more than lumps"

Here's something all women need to hear: "A lump is not the only potential warning sign of breast cancer." There are six other signs that often show up months earlier than a lump.

Armed with this valuable information, you can get to a doctor long before most women would think to seek help. And you'll enjoy a huge boost in your chances of beating breast cancer. But your chances will get even better because after you read STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, you'll know...

Mammograms aren't enough

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Page 22: Noninvasive test DOUBLES accuracy of mammograms alone
Mammograms are often wrong. They can miss a tumor. If you discover one of the six warning signs just mentioned, you need to insist on a second test—not a biopsy—a noninvasive test that's accurate 97% of the time when used along with a mammogram.

The two tests together are nearly twice as accurate as mammography alone.

You'll find this information on page 21 of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS. It could easily save your life.

Worry just a little, live a lot longer

I don't want to turn you into a worrywart, but it does pay to worry a little! Our tips about early detection are among the most valuable features in this Special Report.

If you do have a problem, the earlier you find out the better. Early detection HUGELY improves your chances.

As you'll see, your odds of beating colon cancer soar to nine out of 10... your chances of beating stomach cancer rise to two out of three... almost eight out of 10 leukemia patients survive... in fact, half of all people diagnosed with cancer survive nowadays—but you need to find out early.

Fastest-growing cancer threat is now beatable

Take cancer of the esophagus—the foot-long tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach. This type of cancer used to be rare, but now it's the fastest growing type in the United States.

What's more, it USED to be a virtual death sentence. But not anymore!

Thanks mostly to early detection, half the people who get this type of cancer now survive.

On page 53 of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS, you'll discover an incredibly easy way to spot cancer of the esophagus early. It's a snap to know when you MIGHT have this disease—so you can get help.

Add decades to your life, just by paying attention

You don't have to turn into a hypochondriac. You don't have to worry about every little ache and pain or mystery bump on your skin. (In fact, guys, you'll discover five signs that indicate you DON'T have to worry about prostate cancer.)

But there's a handful of early cancer signs to look out for—and this Special Report tells you exactly what they are.

Often, even doctors don't know them, but these simple, easy tips can add 10 or 20 years to your life—good years you can enjoy with those you love.

Yes, early detection is a powerful lifesaver, but the best thing you can do is...

Use these simple techniques and NEVER get cancer

I've barely touched on the wealth of information you'll get in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention. It's easy to tell you how much it costs—$19.95. But I can't begin to tell you how much it's worth.

After all, if you could cut your risk of cancer 70 percent... 80 percent... even as much as 90 percent—how much would that be worth to you?

You can do something. PLEASE—do it now.

All by itself, Dr. Michael Holick's secret may reduce your risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer by about half. And you can enjoy this benefit for FREE—or in the form of a pill that costs pennies a day.

Another tip in this report reduces prostate cancer in men by 70 percent and breast cancer in women by 50 percent AT NO COST TO YOU.

The Number Two cause of cancer (next to smoking) is EASY to fix—and involves no pills, no special diet, no exercise, no surgery.

Just eating a certain type of bread can reduce your overall risk of cancer by about a third.

And another food reduces the risk of several major cancers by as much as 88 percent! Pie in the sky? NO. This is based on a 13-year study of 25,000 men and women. You'll see—it's on page 41.

Why on earth would anyone pass up this opportunity? After all...

You're protected by a 100% money-back guarantee

Get your own personal copy of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention.

Read it, look it over, think about it. See if YOU can reduce YOUR risk of cancer. Decide for yourself if this Special Report is everything I've said.

If you don't agree, just let us know within the first 60 days. We'll cheerfully send you a full refund—every penny you paid. You don't have to explain your decision to us. Your word is final.


AND... you don't have to return the Special Report. You can still get every penny back.

I'm not worried, because I'm confident you'll be totally satisfied with the life-saving information in STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS.

You take no risk at all

There's no reason to pass up an offer like this. The information I'm offering you is a matter of life and death. MOST CANCER IS PREVENTABLE. Tragically, most people don't know that. But you will... after reading this valuable Special Report.

Click Here to Order Now In fact, you'll know more about cancer than anyone else in your neighborhood. Don't be surprised if your friends come to you for advice and answers to their health questions!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take a look. Click here now and order your personal copy.

With kindest regards,

Martin Edelston
Martin Edelston, Founder and Chairman
Bottom Line Publications

P.S. *** SHOCKING CANCER NEWS *** It turns out that one of the most common bits of cancer prevention advice can be a big mistake. Follow this misinformation and you actually INCREASE your risk of cancer. I was shocked when I saw this, and you will be, too. Read this urgent information on page 12 of STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS: New Breakthroughs In Cancer Prevention.

The information here is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice. Before making any decision regarding your health, please consult a physician or other qualified health-care practitioner.